Bishop Stortford wing chun grading System

There are 12 grades on the road to black belt with each grade being the foundation for the next syticmaitcly building your skill level up.

GRADE 1, 2 & 3



  • Your first steps on the road to your black belt

  • Preparing you for your potential upgrade or Basic Class

Skills Acquired

  • Improve body coordination, speed and accuracy

  • The ability to defend yourself against basic punching and kicking attacks

  • Measurable improvement in overall fitness level

  • The basic skill in one arm sensitity in folding and bending

Grade 4 & 5, 6


  • Domain of leadership and Basic Class

  • Your doorway to the intermediate IWKA System Level

Skills acquired

  • Able to defend basic boxing attacks, straight and curved

  • The skill of using the elbow and knee in defence and offence

  • The basic sensitivity with two arms in folding and bending

  • Noticable difference in basic body structure and momentum handling and overall fitness level

Grade 7, 8 ,9



  • Expanding on the sensitivity and basic introduction into the internal part of the IWKA System

  • Basic understanding of the six Core Elements

Skills Acquired

  • Expanding basic flexibility, sensitivity and reflexes

  • Acquired the first steps of the internal skill

  • Basic ground fighting skill, giving you the ability to defend yourself when being position on the ground

GRADE 10 & 11



  • Your black belt in plain sight.

  • The brown Sash Level take you further into the internal part of the IWKA System

  • With your current level of self control mentally and physically, the IWKA system takes you into the realm of the more advanced forms and and techniques

Skills Acquired

  • With the finishing of the 11th student level the student

  • Stands in front of his/her black belt

  • Has aquired more advanced skills in the internals

  • Has aquired the usage of more advanced lethal techniques

  • Gained a solid proficency in grappling controlling, locking, and joint manipulation techniques





  • Congratulations ! YOU DID IT !

  • Your black belt is something you can be very proud of, that you will keep with you for the rest of your life and that no-one can ever take away from you. You earned the key to the higher internal levels of the IWKA System

Skills Acquired

  • With the finishing of the 12th student level the student

  • The skill of handling yourself in all possible fighting ranges and situations

  • IWKA controlling and restaining fully under control

  • Excellent standard in grappling controlling & joint handling as well as basic weapon both in offence as defence

  • Leadership mindset in various aspects of life

  • Forceflow handling

  • Momentum handling

  • Excellent standard in sensory motorskills and handling of Body, Mind and Energy

Student Teaching Assistant Grade

Technician Grade


This marks your first step on the ‘Bridge To Mastery. With learning the higher internal skills and programs comes a significant jump in handling body, mind and energy. “With great power comes great responsibility”