Benefits of wing chun

Make Wing Chun part of your weekly life, you’ll feel the following benefits.


Personal development

“If you want to have something you’ve never had. You’ll have to do something you’ve never done”.

Stepping outside your comfort zone puts you on a road to become a better version of yourself, which gives you the skills to handle the bigger challenges in you life. Take that leap!

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Reduce stress and improve Self Esteem

Taking time to do something just for yourself is integral to being happy in modern society. After a good training session you’ll find the stress of the world melts away and you’ll leave ready to deal with tomorrow.

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A workout that doesn’t suck!

For most people running on a machine can be boring and short lived. By training Wing Chun you’ll be burning the calories off without even noticing it, whilst having fun with like minded people and developing a life skill. That’s a win win.


Health from inside

Wing Chun is an holistic system and isn’t just self defence. We have meditation programmes that will improve your mental and physical health. Sifu Sergio the head of our organisation has a number of teachers who are all over 100 years old and are still fighting fit. You too can learn these health enhancing techniques through Wing Chun.


Make Friends and get social

There’s something about training together that brings out a natural bond with your training partners and why not, you all share the same goals and grow together. To help you on your way the school has various social events outside of the training hall.


Improve mental toughness

You’ll find strong mental toughness you thought you never had. Pushing through that tough session or encouraging others to give it just one more. You can do it!


Improve coordination and balance

Naturally over time your coordination and balance will improve. You may not even notice but when a beginner walks in you’ll see the difference in yourself. It’s a great feeling. You’ll be catching flies with chopsticks in no time.


Develop laser focus

Most people do not live in the moment. Top sport athletes call it being in the “zone”. They have laser sharp focus. Through Wing Chun you too can develop this skill, which can improve your daily life and productivity. That promotion could just be around the corner!


Know how to handle yourself

Learning Wing Chun will give you the knowledge and confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones, and learning a martial art is definitely a life skill - becoming a black belt is on most people’s bucket list.


wing chun is Fun Fun Fun!!!

Wing Chun is so much fun we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t. “Do what you love and love what you do and the rest is easy”.