WHAT should I EXPECT at MY free 2 introductory lessons?

For the new beginners class everyone will be starting at the same time and will have the same experience level. So you’ll be the same as everyone else and you can start your journey together. This is the perfect time to start so you will all grow together.

The aim of the first two introductory lessons is for you to learn some of the basic but practical defence and attacking applications. You’ll walk away with a taste of what Wing Chun Kung Fu can be for you but you will be able to apply what you have learnt in just those two lessons. Think of it a crash course in self-defence.

The two instructors will also give you an overview of the IWKA Wing Chun system, grading and training programmes. You will also discuss what you personally would like to achieve in you training so sections of the lesson can be dedicated to your needs. Please see some of the benefits of training Wing Chun Kung Fu HERE.


You will need to wear loose fitting gym clothes and trainers. Please remember to bring a bottle of water. Once you have joined the school you will wear the school’s T-shirt.


Yes we do have gradings but we don’t wear belts, we have different colour T-shirts instead but essentially the same idea. We have student grades 1-12 with 12 being a black belt level. There are three gradings a year with each grading taking place over two sessions. One session will test the student’s theory of the system and the other will be a practical test of the material they have covered over the last four months. Bishop’s Stortford Wing Chun Kung Fu is not one of these schools that pushes students through grades to make money, we believe in learning the system and developing quality students. Please follow this link HERE for further information on the IWKA student grading system.

Do You do SPARING?

Yes we do spar however we do it with purpose and gradually over time. You will never be dropped in at the deep end and protective gear is worn. The reason our sparring is gradual is that some students, if they spar to quickly, often revert to their knowledge of street fighting or they completely freeze up and no one has learnt anything. Both of these outcomes must be avoided at all costs as they go against all of the Wing Chun principles. Sparing is built up slowly over time as your skill level improves and in some cases unlearning certain street fighting aspects and adjusting your temperament for Wing Chun Kung Fu to be effective. So you will spar but at your own pace and you will be amazed at the results.

Do you have SEMINARS?

Yes we do, we have a number in fact, which is the beauty of the IWKA.

  • Local seminars - where you will go into more detail on the IWKA system with the Bishop’s Stortford instructors.

  • National seminars - where you will meet other members of the IWKA UK family. These seminar are hosted by Sifu Mauro 7th level master and the head of the IWKA UK or Grand Master Sifu Sergio himself. Witness and feel the incredible skill by both these amazing Masters, these seminars are not to be missed!

  • International seminars - Held in Italy, 3 days of training with IWKA members from around the world. This is the main event and everybody’s welcome. Think of it as a holiday with Kung Fu!


Yes we do, the more you train the better you will be it’s a simple fact of life. We offer 3 packages

  • Basic - This package is for the person who wants to try out Wing Chun at a beginner level.

  • Intermediate - The mid level package. Most people who sign up go for this one. You enjoy training and want to do more. You can be a beginner level but want to progress quickly. Student grade 4 or higher must be on this package due to the material that is taught for their grade.

Do you offer FREE LESSONS?

Yes we offer 2 free introductory lessons and 25% off your first month. please click HERE to book.